Monday, June 10, 2013

180000 ofws arriving from saudi arabia

Next month, 180,000 OFWs will be arriving from Saudi Arabia. An uncertain future welcomes these heroes. Some of them will be rejoining the workforce. Others, hopefully,will invest their monies here and become new entrepreneurs.

What is government's plan for these balikbayanis? I haven't heard anything concrete from government. This can be a problem or an opportunity. It depends on how this gvernment will treat this.

I see this as an opportunity. With proper guidance, these balikbayanis can venture into business or they can rejoin the workforce and enrich our workplaces. With their iinternational experience, balikbayanis can surely use what they learned abroad for the benefit of their local compatriots.

This also applies with our ageing balikbayanis the original ofws from the seventies and early eighties who comprise the diaspora during the marcos rgimes. These ofws are ageing and they would want to go back to the philippines and probaby iinvest their savings or venture into business.