Monday, August 26, 2013

A million reasons why today's march should be organized

There is a mistaken notion that revolutions are spontaneous combustions of people's anger, just like what the Katipuneros did when they converge at Balintawak for that classic cry. Wrong.

That cry was a prepared event, which, if one will be strictly accurate about it, began as early as 1892. Meaning, it took the balintawak organizers four long years before they mustered enough will to do such a thing. Of course, that was a different time, when writing about the abuses committed by the Spaniards meant instant incarceration. In our time, with the internet, a month long preparation should actually be enough.

We delude ourselves into thinking that today's affair will bring those guilty to the bar of justice, that our Congressmen and senators and their lackeys will instantly repent and turn into saints. I bet you that when we wake up tomorrow, things would still be the same. Napoles will still be in hiding. Her cohorts whose names were not published at the Philippine Daily Inquirer will still do their magicks and will still laugh themselves hoarse going to their banks. Why?

Everyone knows that nothing changes in this country. Fighting this system using one's rosaries and crosses even one's agimats would just be a waste of time and effort. Gathering a million people just to vent their anger is as pretentious as any marketing gimmick. Who benefits from this exercise? Of course, those who indulge in large scale thievery. Today's affair is an anti-climax. Some would say that this is a start of bigger rallies still, but whose to say? You dont teach people how to rally. You dont even teach them at all,because Filipinos, ordinary Pinoys, are much intelligent than those who organize rallies.

I say pretentious because we always resort to a "cleansing process". As what Jesus told the Jews when he was still here preaching the Good news, " who among you are without sin?" Those whose electric lines are tapped, those whose Pldt lines were illegally setup, those who don't pay their proper taxes, those who pay their way for a diploma and those who pay those petty fixers at NSO or use their contacts just to avoid long queus---these people commit the same things Napoles and other Pinoy senators and congressmen did, though small scale. Those who deprive this government of anything, they are equally guilty of abandoning their sworn duty to protect and love this country.

And we love dramatics so much we live in a fantastic notion that We deposed Marcos because we were able to gather a million. Fact is, Marcos left because the US wanted him out, period. The Americans thought that Marcos had become obsessed with wealth and power that he wanted it all for himself, without regard for those other American lackey members of the elite. Had Marcos shared every single peso he amassed from us, poor citizens, do you think those outside the political kulambo would still protest against him?

We have this delusion that when we march, something miraculous will happen, like manna will suddenly appear and rain upon the land.

What am i saying?

For us to achieve what we want, which is essentially a clean government, we need organized action. Cut the romanticist crap. Let's organize ourselves and form a movement. Revive the Katipunan. Revive even its armed component. These grafters in government, those thieves in barong fear only one thing--- death. When the legendary Sparrows were assassinating aberrant government officials left and right, the people silently smiled, even laughed. At last, a group was willing to take the hammer and smash it unto the faces of those who did the people injustice.

Now, more than ever, what the people want are New Patriots, those whose hearts are pure. Those who truly love their fellow Filipinos who will not waste a single moment, and will not think twice of sacrificing even their very lives so that other people may live.

Yes, its good once in a while to shout and vent one's anger. After that, what?