Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Calls for scrapping of pork made Pnoy the most powerful man in the country

With public clamor getting more serious by the day and by the minute, it seemed that President Aquino's new proposal is perceived to be another "yellowish" or "dilawang" treatment of a brewing political issue. Even Edwin Lacierda's explanation is not being received well by the people, who are asking for the total scrapping of the pork.

What Pnoy did, according to observers, is simply tucked the pork in. He just placed those monies close to him and away from the greedy hands of people, including legislators. He likewise, limited the discretion of these legislators to manage corruption.

Wittingly or unwittingly, those who demand for the diminution of the Chief Executive's Powers thru this issue of pork got the raw end of the deal---with what they demanded, they actually increased the powers of the Chief Executive because in the new proposed system, Congressmen have to consult with the DBM secretary, a factotum of the president, before they can include those projects in the General Appropriations Act.

Meaning, the President now has the sole say on what projects to fund and what are not to be funded. This bodes ill to the "opposition" because every single Congressman would have to befriend DBM secretary Butch Abad who happens to be a stalwart of the LP as well.

Another thing---with the new system, and with the monies to be added to the regular budgetary allocations for each department, this will increase the incidence of corruption in the bureaucracy, because Congressmen will have to coordinate their projects with executive officials and ensure that these projects be implemented immediately.