Friday, August 30, 2013

Brewing People's Revolt and Why a President needs to protect an alleged high-profile thief

The president of this country escorting a high-profile scammer and alleged big-time thief to the police camp is unlike what other presidents did. Past presidents received rebels, revolutionaries, enemies of the state, not criminals. And those presidents did not accompany these "visitors" to jail. Neither did those presidents asked their local government secretaries to prepare a comfortable bed for the high-profile criminal.

The uncanny speed and the immediate attention given by Malacanang to Janet Lim-Napoles, alleged mastermind behind the multi-billion peso pork barrel scam, is outright suspicious.

Remember that days ago, Malacanan fired Bryan Yamsuan, a known operator and communications specialist of former Arroyo protector, Ronnie Puno. Every one in the media industry knows what Yamsuan's role at the DILG was during his time there. There were people who insinuated that Yamsuan was the "official" liaison of government with big-time jueteng lords. Yamsuan reportedly collects jueteng monies for and on behalf of Malacanang during the time of Arroyo.

Now, why was Yamsuan hired as "communications consultant" by Executive secretary Paquito Ochoa knowing full well his shady role during the time of Arroyo? Ochoa says that it is "best to keep one's enemies closer" meaning, he considered Yamsuan as an enemy. Okey, so they give a salary to an "enemy"? for what? To provide information about Arroyo, her cohorts and former allies? I know that the Arroyos have been politically decimated already?

When news about Yamsuan's "rehabilitation" of Malacanang came about, many sources had malicious thoughts about it. It seemed that Malacanan planned or had this plan of "liaising" with jueteng lords?

Anyway, many sources say that Yamsuan and Napoles knew each other deeply rather than what Malacanan said that it was only when Yamsuan had gambling troubles that he met Napoles. Yamsuan and Napoles, sources say, knew each other for a long time, since Napoles operated widely during the time of Arroyo.

What is totally curious is the fact that many pro-Arroyo allies were rehabilitated during this time of Aquino. It is like this administration is really similar with the previous dispensation, albeit, populated by those who went outside of the political kulambo when Arroyo's popularity sagged.

what is evident is this:

1. Malacanan had ties with "political operators" such as Napoles and Yamsuan.
2. Secrets were shared with these people.
3. Hence, Malacanan should protect these people so that those secrets will remain outside public knowledge.

So, are you still asking why President Aquino accompanied a high-profile alleged criminal to Camp Crame? Are you still asking yourself, why Aquino and Roxas were so busy preparing a nice bed for Napoles?

Now, what is the difference between this administration and its predecessor? Nothing. These administrations, the very people that run it, are equally guilty of mismanaging their roles as custodians of the people's monies.

I want to give an unsolicited advice to Malacanan---do not mishandle this issue. This has the potential of breaking into a people's revolt within the next few days or weeks.

The people are genuinely angry with this. Most people think that Napoles is getting the best deal possible.

Malacanan is giving a very wrong impression to the public, especially to young kids and that is: