Saturday, August 31, 2013

Threats against Janet Lim-Napoles and real threats from groups wanting to hijack the legitimate cause of the People

Janet Lim-Napoles, the so-called mastermind behind the pork barrel scam, is reportedly scared to her wits. And rightly so. Yes, Napoles may be assassinated by those whom she transacted before, but, the most interesting thing about Napoles' case is the brutal fact that every single Pinoy out there is desirous for more blood, her blood, to be exact, to be spilt. There may be a basis for saying that threats against her life have increased exponentially since her so-called "operation" was exposed, but I think those threats come from the people themselves. Hence, even the most sophisticated jail cell in the world will and cannot deter a possible assassin from harming Napoles, since, every Filipino right now feels that he has the right to at least pinch Napoles' ears.

This is the first time in Philippine history that the masses are genuinely angry. TV Patrol has been doing man on the street interviews for the past couple of days, and the angry reactions of the citizenry are signs of not just a brewing revolt, but a mass-led catastrophe that threatens the very existence of governmental institutions in our country. Many people now believe that it is time for us to overhaul the entire system and replace it with something new.

What is dangerous is that the once silent allies of administrations past have seen an opportunity to re-invigorate themselves before the public. Those who feel politically prosecuted, those who know they are guilty of robbing us of billions, and those who suspect that they are "next on the chopping block" have now banded together against the Aquino administration. Yes, there is a natural expression of the people's anger against Aquino right now, and I'll not be surprised that after that "escort Napoles caper", expect a decisive drop in Aquino's popularity ratings.

Yes, I am saying that forces are at work against Aquino and for many reasons. One,groups who oppose the Bangsamoro peace deal and who thinks that the only solution is ouster. Two, there are other groups who oppose the RH bill and feel that it is time to hit Aquino back. Three, there are remnants of the previous dispensation who also fear that they're next to be prosecuted for their misdeeds. Four, there are groups who transacted with Napoles and realizes that this administration is dead serious on knowing the truth and prosecuting those guilty and fifth, those who always call for the abolition of this present system.

This is their time to unite and shine, so to speak. So the possibility of a genuine people's revolt being hijacked by forces with personal, political and selfish interests is real.  And the bottomline is simply tons of money, trillions in fact.

Imagine how juicy the situation is right now---you have a growing economy. You have an open and liberal environment. Many investors have expressed desire to set up shop here, and many projects are in the pipeline, every single one, billions of pesos. You have a more efficient taxation system, and surely, the government has enough money now for the politicians to toy with.

So there. These groups are not fighting for justice, oh no. These groups are not equally disgusted about how a few people scammed their way to the banks, definitely no because during their time, they too, dipped their fingers in the largesse.

These groups want to ascend to the rungs of power once more to enjoy the perks and privileges. They will not be interested probably with pork, because protection and facilitation money is a bigger racket in government than anything else. Their struggle will definitely be about money.

Opps......I forgot one other group, the Chinese-funded ones. They are also actively participating since they want nothing more than hijack this government and make it a friendlier one with China.

Yes, let me repeat myself to avoid being misinterpreted.

There is a genuine anger being expressed by the people. The people want to move. The people thirst for justice. The people are asking for blood.

What is dangerous is the possibility of this "anger" being hijacked by unscrupulous forces out there who are equally if not more guilty than the present dispensation in robbing us of our hard-earned monies. The danger is they may move against this administration, and win. If they win, expect a perpetual struggle against other contending forces.

If this group wins, surely, expect me to be the first one to struggle and even militate against them.

It is time for real change.