Friday, August 2, 2013

Carlos So defies his boss, Customs Chief Ruffy Biazon

A defiant Carlos So wants to question the order of his boss, Customs Chief Ruffy Biazon, ordering all district collectors to resign their posts. So works as the customs collector chief at the NAIA.  So says this is a direct violation of the Customs and Tariff Code.

Mr. So, the purpose of Biazon's move was something which involves a person's concept of morality than mere legality. The highest Executive of the land has just accused this agency of high-profile corruption. What is the most rational thing to do? Have every responsible senior and middle level executive, guilty or not, to bear the brunt of responsibility and give their courtesy resignations.

In brief, Mr. So, your boss is asking you to have a moral conscience and a teamster attitude. He wants you to show that you are remorseful, that you understand what command responsibility means and you have what we mean by "hiya"

Actually, this caper by Biazon is really for show. This agency is so corrupt that there is no other recourse but to fire everyone and abolish this agency, and replace it with another one.

We don't need these kinds of employees, these so called 'public servants" when they even don't know what the term "public service" really means.