Friday, August 2, 2013

People's Militia against Corruption at the Bureau of Customs

Customs Chief Ruffy Biazon got the very last courtesy resignation from Peter So, customs collector at the NAIA. Now, he has the option to use his enormous powers to effect change within the Bureau. The ball is now in his court, so to speak.

What Biazon intends to do? Well, he plans to effect a rotating chair policy. Meaning, he will not fire people. He will just relocate these collectors.

What will this do to the fight against graft and corruption? Nothing. The same people who created this 220 billion peso mess, will still be working in the Customs and will still transact with their favorite customs brokers and illegal importers.

Bull. Crap.

Ask any Filipino about what he believes is the concept of "pagbabago" means, and he will tell you straight--firing all those erring personnel and replace them with new ones. This bureau needs new blood. This bureau needs even well-meaning and honest volunteers so that change will definitely happen in our generation.

We need a People's Militia, so to speak, to occupy the Bureau of Customs.