Friday, August 2, 2013

Chaos expected when MMDA insists on bus terminal relocation

Sources say MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino is a stubborn man. Like a true-blue peninsulares, Tolentino imposes his own will against any other, alienating well-meaning groups whose only concern is to stabilize the present chaos along EDSA. Tolentino acts like an ordinary mayor.

This explains why I shudder at the very thought that Tolentino wants his hair-brained traffic scheme tested by August 6, Tuesday. By next week, Tolentino's Uniwide South terminal will be opened to public use. Provincial buses coming from Cavite will be constrained to stop at this terminal, pay as much as 500 per 25 minutes of use, and thereby burden people with cargoes.

Imagine the humonguous traffic such a scheme will do in a very small area such as Coastal Road and Roxas boulevard. Since cars will now converge in this one area, this will surely create a bottle neck. As any other motorist know, any bottleneck in any spot in the Metro will surely cause traffic along the road where the bottleneck is at. This bottleneck will be permanent. Imagine how this scheme will cause along Roxas Boulevard where trucks use too.

I shudder at the thought of this implemented along EDSA.