Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why Pnoy's new "pork" system is more dangerous than the previous PDAF?

I always listen to my doctor. When one of my doctors told me that eating pork could seriously lead to heart attacks, I seriously did not eat pork anymore. Pork, honestly, is dangerous to eat. It has ringworms embedded in its epidermis and if not cooked properly, those worms come alive in one's stomach. Of course, pigs eat anything they get, even their own feces. So, really, eating pork is something which, if you love your health, is best to be ignored.

anyway, i think Pnoy should listen to the people. Those who went to Luneta are well-meaning ones, who simply want their government to be honest and transparent in the use of the people's money.

The main issue really is fidelity in the custody and use of public funds. Since politicians in general have lost credibility, there is no other institution of government perceived to be "of clean hands" in safe-keeping these funds. All branches of government have been accused of corruption.

The new system to be instituted will not guarantee that those funds will really be used for its intended purpose. Why? Several studies have shown that agencies of government remain corrupted. With these pork allocations going back to line agencies, this will all the more encourage collusion between Congressmen, Contractors and executives of different agencies. Graft and corruption will increase inside the bureaucracy.

Likewise, government money will not be as widely spread unlike before, which will affect the local economy.

The solution really is simple---for the people to force Congress to scrap the pork barrel system, period. Senate president Franklin Drilon is wrong in saying that "without the discretionary power of the Congress over pork allocations, we might as well dissolve it." Well, we might as well.