Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Janet Lim-Napoles' re-appearance being timed for what?

For the past five days, I've been hearing some unverified news that Janet Lim-Napoles, the alleged brains behind the infamous pork barrel scam, may be under the "safekeeping" of a few personalities linked to the previous Arroyo administration. Reports say that the reason why she was being kept was to deter efforts of this administration to safely put her under government custody so that she will not be able to "spill the beans" so to speak, against political allies of this government.

This news comes from several underground sources who knew the operations of several people involved in the same racket as Janet's. What makes Janet different from these people is the fact that Janet reportedly enjoys the protection and trust of several high-ranking military and police officials. Some of them are still active in the establishment.

Janet's close associates decided to hide her after the government was alarmed when she turned up "un-planned" and "un-announced" before editors of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Her presence there was not simply for publicity purposes but was interpreted by several high-profile personalities as her "tendency" to break the code of silence.

It seems that there is a purported plan to spring Janet out of hiding and make her "revelations" public, while revealing alleged personalities now politically allied with this administration. Her re-appearance is being perfectly timed by her handlers.

I would not lend credence to this, because, for a fact, public ire is simply directed against her. The longer she stays out of the limelight, the better for her handlers. However, it seems that these high-profile personalities want to use her as a justification for an action against this administration. Enemies of this administration have vowed to oust this government shortly after its third year.

If Janet balks and her pronouncements hit this government, surely, this will eventually cause the political assassination and death of  Noynoy Aquino, whose platform is anchored on anti-corruption.