Monday, September 23, 2013

Davao blast--part of destabilization against Aquino administration

Sources in the intelligence community revealed that they are investigating the information they got which says that what happened in Davao City was the handiwork of rebel soldiers, not the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

These rebel soldiers, according to some sources, are composed of former rebels from the eighties, former RAM and former Magdalos. There is no definite reason for the grouping except that these soldiers are mostly active members of the military establishment.

I am not entirely surprised by this information.

For one, the Aquino administration has incurred enemies, some of them, involved in big Business. There are people who were affected by the wishy-washy policies of the administration.

Second, the masses are indeed angry at this point. Third, this incendiary situation is made even more worse by a succession of natural disasters which affect not just the lives of millions, but wreck the economies of affected provinces.

Lastly, there is really a raging rebellion in the South which is getting worse by the minute. Members of the MILF just attacked North Cotabato, and like what their MNLF brothers did in Zamboanga City, occupied cities and used hostages as human shields.

The first reason is expected---you can't please everybody. As for the people's anger, if this is mishandled, this will have serious political repercussions.

The human toll in Zamboanga is just slowly enfolding and is just the beginning of woes.