Monday, September 23, 2013

Napoles and her knowledge about how Chief Justice Corona was ousted by the Aquino administration

A hundred cops guard controversial pork scam artist Janet Napoles. She is now being transported from her jail room at Camp Santo Domingo to the Makati courts where she is scheduled to plead not guilty to the crime of serious illegal detention. Napoles' lawyer tried but failed to convince the courts that there are serious threats to her life. The PNP assured that Napoles' will be transported safely to face the courts.

Why spend millions just to guard Janet Napoles? What is the fear of this government?

Malicious tongues say, this government fears to lose Napoles to the opposition. Why? What does Napoles know that every one does not know?

Well, for one, Napoles, according to sources, is instrumental in securing the support of Congress behind impeachment moves against former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

There are existing proof which establish a "Napoles hand" in the ouster of the Chief Justice. Seems like Napoles was used by the Aquino administration in securing the support of several legislators in exchange for their pdaf.

Is Napoles now being secured by the State to prevent her from spilling the beans so to speak on what kind of operation the President himself allowed just to expel Corona from the Supreme Court?

Two things: first, Aquino knew of Napoles prior to her surrender and two, even if he did not meet him, Aquino's close aides know her.

Remember why things went on a dizzying pace a few weeks ago? Napoles was immediately secured after her "revelatory" meeting with the Inquirer. After that interview, things went on full speed. A court immediately issued for her arrest, and she just suddenly disappeared. When she did appear, it was after the President purportedly issued a 2-million bounty for her head. It is obvious that there was a "compromise deal" between Malacanan and Napoles since Napoles surrendered to Aquino, and not to anyone else, an example that a deal was already agreed upon.