Thursday, November 28, 2013

Exclusive! Two Pnoy allies included in Napoles PDAF scam

Two close allies of President Aquino are now in a very serious situation. The PDAF investigation found them among those who transacted fraudulently with Janet Lim-Napoles, when they were still legislators. Meaning, they were part of the PDAF or pork barrel system scam.

My people, do not forget this pork barrel scam. This explains why we remain poor and why most of our people wallow in poverty and hunger.

I am not at liberty here of disclosing who these fine officials are. Suffice to say that they now occupy sensitive posts in the Aquino government.

This shows that the seeds of malevolence sown by Napoles were even caught by hand by people who want us to believe that they are "clean" when in truth and in fact, they are part of a systematic effort at robbing us of things allocated for us and for our welfare.

It is best for the President to heed the public's clamor. The people want nothing more but to see those who robbed us of our monies behind bars (at least) or executed for their high-profile crimes against the Filipino people.

The President can still regain the trust of the people by punishing every single one found to have robbed us of our monies, regardless of political color or affiliation. The President should respect our laws. If someone is found to be an active part of this devilish scheme, then, by all means, prosecute! As the chief executor of the law, the president should set the prime example. He should be the tool of the people in sending erring officials to jail, or to their deaths, socially, I mean.

Who are these men? Clue--they are both below fifty years old.