Thursday, November 7, 2013

Senators being humiliated by Janet Lim-Napoles

After listening to Janet Lim-Napoles wiggle her way out of every Senator's questions, I am beginning to believe the boast of Napoles when she first burst into the media limelight the very first time the Inquirer published the story--that she, Napoles, practically controls government.

The on-going Senate blue ribbon committee is turning to be quite interesting. Suprising, Napoles is now answering questions. This girl is very intelligent. She is quick witted and knows how to escape from pathological traps. I am not surprised anymore. Napoles is a survivor.

I am now more inclined to believe that this entire caper is already an established enterprise and surely, Napoles probably knew this from another.

I clearly do not understand though, why we allow ourselves to be treated by a woman like this. I am ashamed. Clearly, this woman is mocking us.