Thursday, November 7, 2013

Janet Lim-Napoles " non-chalance" at Senate--nakakabastos!

That's what happens when we take comfort in all "democratic" and "legal" ways just to ferret the truth---we always get mocked as a people.

Look at what Janet Lim-Napoles did today at the Senate. She not only mocked the Senators who looked practically like buffoons asking questions and being given either monosyllabic answers or downright shrug---Napoles actually spat and mocked and humiliated an entire Nation.

For that, she deserves our everlasting condemnation.

Bam Aquino asked the most substantial---so, if it's not you and you did not do this, then, who did this scheme that the Commission on Audit says lead to the loss of billions of pesos of the people's monies? Malay ko, says Napoles.

This is what happens when we treat criminals and heartless people like this with decency--they will spit you in the face.

That Napoles scene reminds me of the Linda Blair scene out of The Exorcist. When the priest was saying his prayer to get the demon out of the nubile body of Blair, and the old priest was very kind, what did the demon do? He spat on the face of the priest.

Napoles had the gall to even find refuge in the person of the Office of the Ombudsman. Now, she has the legal reason why she should not even share one bit of info about her modus operandi.

I just thought about it---today's sad scene would have been different had a torturer been there lurking  either beside or at the back of Napoles. Or, that chair which Napoles sat had a contraption that every time she lies, electricity flows out and hits her body.

Honestly, I am losing all hope that something good will come out of this thing.

We have been mocked.

We, whose monies were stolen,

We, whose dignity as a people was effectively slapped and spit out,

We, whose hard-earned taxes were partitioned by a greedy bunch of people,

well, will actually stay as slaves and will be humiliated forever by the very people in power.

We will never recover these billions which were robbed from us.