Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines continues to enforce the law

Siegfred Mison's mission is simple--
enforce the laws
Let me expose here the workings of a bogus group called Foreigners for Justice. They are maintaining a site which I am wont to note here. Let me just say that this site is spreading malicious lies against the Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines.

Yes, my dear readers, I like to defend the work of the patriotic employees and officials of this Bureau who are all trying very hard, even sacrificed their personal interests, just to maintain the immaculate state of the bureau as a model bureau.

For the past 100 days, the Bureau under Officer in Charge Siegfred Mison has been in the thick of the fight against corruption. Syndicates prying on foreigners have all been eliminated. Many of the people involved in these nefarious schemes have all been either dismissed from the service (silently) and some relegated to clerical work. Those who did some atonement for their previous sins against the Filipino people were all forgiven. Most were given opportunities to reform.

Mison's policy is clear---"good guys in, bad guys out". Follow the laws of the Philippines and if you're a foreigner, you'll enjoy your stay here. Disrespect the Filipino and his laws, and be ready to suffer the consequences.

For so long a time, thousands of foreign nationals have disrespected Philippine immigration laws by overstaying here or working here without permits. Foreigners working here illegally deprive other Filipinos of their opportunities to secure work. They affect the local employment environment.

Nonetheless, what the bureau did was give them opportunities to correct their status here by encouraging them to go to the bureau's intramuros offices and apply for either extension of visa or apply for working permits. Foreign nationals who intend to stay here long or permanently must respect our laws by applying for a change of status.

Now, those who go here and take part in illegal activities such as gambling, drug pushing, loan sharking, human trafficking must be ready to suffer the consequences of their actions. The Bureau, as I've seen in the past few months, is quite firm in implementing the letter and the spirit of our Immigration laws.

Fugitives from justice in their own homelands are arrested and deported. Yet, those who are clean, meaning, they have no records whatsoever in their home countries, continue to enjoy the hospitality of the Filipino people.

Of course, when you enforce the law, some people are affected. Some of those affected by the enforcement of the laws are either wives or girlfriends of foreigners who either overstayed or have been hiding here in this country for quite some time.

This is the downside of things, especially when an agency tries to implement the law. Some people would invent many things and accuse people of impropriety to hide their own sins.

Instead of spreading lies and malice, this so-called "humanitarian group" called Foreigners for Justice should instead ask for an audience with bureau officials and jointly solve what they think are problems with the bureau's enforcement of the law.

The path towards righteousness is paved with sufferings and trials. I guess this comes with the territory.

What is certain is that this Bureau will try to tread the right path, because they realize their ultimate mission and responsibility before the Filipino People and that is, enforce the will of a Nation.