Sunday, December 8, 2013

Conspiracy behind Meralco's plan to hike electricity rates

In an interview, Energy Regulatory Commission Executive Director Atty. Francis Saturnino Juan was caught with his foot in his mouth. When asked why the Meralco allowed this anomalous 3.5 pesos increase in kilowatt per hour in its billings, Juan said that the firm aims to cover the expenses incurred in renting generators which has been planned a long time ago.

Meaning, instead of the ERC looking for alternative sources of power while the Malampaya plant is undergoing regular/annual maintenance, the Commission allowed Meralco, a private firm, to get outside contractors. That explains why electricity rates went up---the Commission allowed a private entity to do its job. It would have been cheaper had the ERC found other sources of alternative energy resources.

Juan likewise revealed that other measures are available, not just those proposed by the Meralco. What Juan was telling us is that they cannot do anything anymore because Meralco already hired or rented those outside contractors (generators) to provide for the electricity we are using today because the Malampaya plant is being maintained.

There was also a manipulation of the WESM or the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market by two other energy firms, Shell Exploration and Chevron with its partner, the Philippine National Oil Company or PNOC. Clearly, there was an intention to manipulate the WESM to ensure a jack up in electricity prices which Meralco will pass on to its consumers.

These people should be probed, and if found guilty, charged in court and thereafter, jailed. They think that they could easily dupe the Filipino People.

I think Congress should investigate the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) for allowing such a blatant manipulation of electricity rates. This Commission, chaired by Atty. Zenaida Ducut, who was also charged with alleged funds malversation, should be dismantled and individually proved. There could be connivance, there could be a conspiracy.

Sad that even private firms right now are trying to outdo each other in getting our hard-earned monies. Yes, they have the right to get our monies, but is it moral? IN this administration, as well as the others, morals and ethics have been thrown out of the window.