Friday, December 6, 2013

Tax exemption for Manny Pacquiao? Wow

Some legislators have filed a bill seeking to exempt boxing champ Manny Pacquiao jr. from paying taxes. The argument is this--he's a national hero, he deserves an exemption from taxes.

Okey. Fine. The only question is---so what if he's a national hero? And who said that he is?

Fact is, if you're a national hero, you should be an example, a model to all Filipinos. And the first duty of a true Filipino hero, is payment of taxes. Pacquiao should be the first one to pay his taxes, to set an example to everyone.

Honestly, why is Pacquiao a national hero? Did he risked his life for millions of us? No. He risked his life for those millions of dollars which promoters pay him.

Fact is, Manny risked his life willfully because boxing is his profession. It is his choice. I would believe him as a national hero if, in every fight, he gives his prize to either charity or to the rehabilitation of devastated areas in this archiepelago.

The only thing that made him a national hero is when people forget all their problems when he fights. So, that makes him a hero?

Manny Pacquiao jr is a hero to the elites of this country. Why? Because Pacquiao saves them every single time he fights. Imagine, millions of Filipinos nearly forgot about PDAF and Janet Lim-Napoles when he fought Rios.

Someone would say that Pacquiao represents the struggle of the Filipino. True. But, is that enough to be considered a hero?

Think--whenever Pacquiao ascends the ring, he is not fighting for the country, he is fighting for the prize, that's the truth.

The true heroes are those soldiers who fight intruders, the rebels who fight for their beliefs, the scientists and the honest government employees working to set things right in the bureaucracy, the OFW who work their asses off just to send monies to their families. Are you saying they should also be exempt from taxes?