Sunday, December 8, 2013

Alice Dixson and Heart Evangelista heat the cool Xmas season

a fine morning treat of nothings
I got to hand it to the guys over at FHM and Tanduary. They scored a coup in this one. Two gorgeous ladies--one, a hit with my generation (nineties, err, eighties :-) and another one, today's yummiest.

FHM convinced Alice Dixson to grace their covers and the forty three year-old phenom still has it. Dixson is still one of this country's alluring faces. As they say, mukha pa lang, ulam na. (Opps! For young ones out there, better to read this with your parents beside you, okey?)

Heart Evangelista did not bare much in this month's latest Tanduay calendar. But, like Dixson, Heart is world-class. Just a glance, and it feels like heaven.

I remember when I was still working in Singapore, my Singaporean staff asked me the name of the photo I had in my laptop. I told them, the name was Heart. They adore her there. Heart Evangelista is, I think, one of our most exportable talents out there. Given the right breaks, Heart could be our version of Zhang Ziyi or Lucy Liu.

This is one reason why I want to visit the beaches soon.
It is a heartbreaker though that acting is the least of Heart's priorities right now. As you know, she's madly in love with You-Know-Who. Fortunately, Heart is not thinking of marrying the guy soon. So, that gives us time to convince her to try her luck in Hollywood.

Anyway, these gorgeous ladies are reasons why it is More Fun in the Philippines.

We have a lovely country.

We are such a fun-loving and easy-going nation.

Really, our problem is not us. If we only have a government that are peopled with Filipinos whose desire is to serve rather than steal from us or rob us of our precious hard-earned taxes, then, this country would be, I think, the no. 1 place to stay. As things are right now, we just have to hope.