Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ricky Carandang's reported resignation and entry of new team

Today, news about Press sec Ricky Carandang's resignation spread like wildfire. Speculations abound as to the cause of Carandang's purported move, but according to Secretary Sonny Coloma, the rumours are untrue. Meaning, kuryente.

News about Carandang's resignation has been on and off for the past three years, and it has been like that eversince his group, the Black and White Movement, entered the Aquino administration. Carandang, according to sources, is both a member of the BWM and the Hyatt 10 group of Mar Roxas. Carandang helped during Pnoy's presidential run in 2010.

Sources have it that Carandang will just finish December and he is thinking of going back to private sector, maybe, a stint at Solar TV?

It seems like several groups within the palace are losing power. Their proximity with Pnoy is getting thinner by the day due to several accusations of graft and some, impropriety. Several groups who supported Pnoy have certain disagreements with the president's policies.

Pnoy seemed committed to really implement measures that will solve the country's problems permanently. He wants to finish the Private-Public Partnership projects, as a concrete legacy. And he wants several agencies cleansed of corruption.

The only stumbling block is the existence of several businessmen turned GOCC heads whose selfish interest counters Pnoy's nation-building vision. Some of these people are still out to recover their political investments. These people are now contributing to the continuing graft and corruption. They have to be booted out from their offices and charged and thrown in jail.

Those who will not tread the Tuwid na Daan, and use their posts to generate monies from public funds, should be exposed, charged with crimes and thrown in jail.

A new, young and more idealistic group of well-meaning individuals are now entering the bureaucracy. This group is fearless. This group knows how to distinguish between good and evil. This group does not involve themselves in graft practices. They are not interested on power nor money.

This group will ensure that the legacy that this President wants to impart to our suffering masses will surely be realized before 2016. Expect new and exciting things. Expect heads to roll, ther guilty punished for their crimes and those who deserve nothing but the people's honor, be propped up.