Friday, December 6, 2013

Should we allow a Christmas furlough for ex-President Gloria Arroyo?

Ex-president Gloria Arroyo is reportedly sick to the bone, literally. Her scoliosis has worsened. Based on doctors' prognosis, Arroyo needs extra medical attention and rest. The Pampanga Congresswoman remains incarcerated at the Veteran's hospital.

Several Congressmen have signed a petition asking that the ex-President be given a "Christmas furlough." One member of the minority, Abakada partylist Jonathan dela Cruz even publicly called on the president to heed the requests of legislators.

Arroyo, if you remember, stands accused of toying with public funds, the same sins as that of Janet Lim-Napoles. She has new cases filed against her, which includes, misusing the Malampaya funds.

Some of her trusted generals, and that includes Leandro Mendoza, the former general and the one involved in the ZTE scam, left this world due to a lingering disease. Her other trusted men, and that includes her former agri secretary, are on the run. Politically, Arroyo is near death. It would be very hard for her to recover.

Dela Cruz asks for humanitarian and "Christian sympathy". I don't know. What do you think? Should we grant her request for her to be with her family this Christmas?

During her tumultuous nine year reign, Arroyo caused the incarceration of thousands of her political enemies, whose families also requested the same thing, but were ignored, and worse, disapproved.

Some political detainees who struggled against her reign, are still languishing in jail due to trumped up charges. They have been there in jail, deprived of the companionship of their families, and of the luxuries and comforts of being inside a hospital like Veteran's.

I'm not saying that this is what others called "karma".