Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why Philippine politics suck

When the Greeks invented politics, it was for the greater good. The intention is simple--politics create a web of relationships inspite of being interlocked with individual personal interests. Meaning, it is politics that define what is the collective solution to a community problem.

What is happening to the Philippines is that politics is not used to determine the collective interest. It is used to perpetuate patron-client relationships or to be extra frank about it, subservience.

Admit it, we who are left to live in this country are all slaves of oligarchic families who own most resources of this country. Why are they in power? Because they use the laws to keep their power and influence intact. The law is supposed to pursue collective national interest. What it now does is legally cloak certain oligarchic families with political legitimacy to rule us, hapless slavish consumers.

Of course, we cannot change the complexion of politics. As they say, national politics is just a macrocosm of true politics, which is local and family-oriented. We are being managed by families. These families have economic or business interests. When we allow families to rule us politically, we cloak them with power to advance their own business interests.

Ask around, and you"ll find that all those who rule us have business interests. They don't divest their business interests the minute they assume power. No. Fact is, the very reason why they enter politics in the first place is for them to use it for networking purposes. The more people you know here, the more influential you become, ergo, the wealthier you are.

We must change the mindset of the next generation of oligarchic families by involving them in honest service for the people.