Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Janet Lim-Napoles as state witness? Then, why not turn the Ampatuans too?

Janet Lim-Napoles is expected to go under the knife this morning. The alleged mastermind of the monumental billion peso pork barrel scam artist, as what reports picture her to be, was reportedly fearful of her mortality. She wants to confess all.

There's a catch though---she wants to be a state witness. Wow.

Let me oversimplify this matter. There is this high profile thief. She stole billions from government. Government charges her with crimes. Yet, government is unable to establish a strong case. It needs someone to revalidate what sub-principals have alleged.

This thief offers to witness for government. Reason? Well, those billions she keeps in several banks here and abroad. She was deprived briefly of her lavish lifestyle.

Of course, she wants nothing more than preserve her material possessions, which most she got from her years of defrauding many of their monies.

Let us call a spade a spade---I cannot stomach the fact that a killer of dreams like Janet Lim-Napoles will be used by the government in order to pin its case down against those who profited from Napoles' nefarious schemes.

Worse, Justice secretary Leila de Lima even pictured Napoles as a "religious woman", praying the rosary when she arrived at her hospital suite at the Ospital ng Makati. This is outrageous. Of course, a condemned individual would really pray before any Mammon just to save her damned soul.

Janet Lim-Napoles should be prosecuted period. She should spend the rest of her breath in jail. Fact is, many people want even her relatives to suffer like her since they too lavished from the loot she amassed.

Why is this case so different from other cases? Well, precisely not just due to the enormity of the funds Janet Lim-Napoles and her cohorts got from the public coffers, but to the sheer brazenness and simplicity they took those funds from us.

We, who sweat it all out every single day. We, who fear every single time the BIR gets our taxes where would those monies go to. We, who fear for the future of our children because of rising costs of food stuffs, of education, of transportation, of everything.

We who fear for the direction this country is getting itself into, and we who fear every single day what would happen to us when we walk in those unguarded streets and we who line up in kilometer long queues just to get to work, we are the Judge, the People.

Let government use all its power to get the truth out of Lim-Napoles without her serving as state witness. Let us squeeze every juice out of her damned mind and soul, and thereafter, condemn her to a life of perfidity, of perpetual punishment.

I blame the government for this.

They used this controversial issue to hide the ongoing sale of major and critical infrastructures. They are using the issue again to bury the US$30 million extortion attempt made by several officials of the DOTC. They are using this issue to prosecute political enemies. They are using this issue for us not to mind the below the table deals several government officials are doing for the sake of their chosen political bets come 2016.

In approaching this issue, government has not been as brutally honest as what most people expect it to be. Instead of applying the law, government use and will use this high-profile thief as a political tool.

Let Justice prevail. Prosecute Janet Lim Napoles and all those barong-clad thieves in our midst. Let the full force of the People's justice be applied to all of them. Instead of "baby-ing" these thieves, use the full force of the Republic in getting the juice out of them.