Monday, June 2, 2014

Justice in the Philippines

Many Americans think that what happens in the movies, like drug lords having special treatment inside jails, are just for cinematic renditions. Here, in the Philippines, this is more of life depictions.

So much for "equality before the eyes of the law". IN the Philippines, there is this saying that if you steal, steal big, as in in "billions" so that you"ll be treated like royalty inside those filthy jails. This also applies to drug pushing--don't be a pusher, be a drug lord. By then, you'll enjoy time off in a hospital being served by a starlet and a beautiful television star.

Also, in the Philippines, if you are poor and you revolt against the system, chances are, you'll be treated like an animal, deprived of your rights and if you happen to be pregnant, will probably lose your baby.

We, Filipinos are really known world-wide for our ingenuity. We don't just transform things like military jeeps into public transport, we likewise apply our creativity in transforming Western concepts into our own versions, the Pinoy version.

Like, democracy. By democracy, we mean doing everything possible without harming anyone. If we are a government official, it's democracy if we give contracts to the ones we are friends with, even if these friends of ours have conflicts of interests.

It is democracy if we get thousands of pesos from the people thru taxes and repay them by giving them very sloppy services.

It is democracy if we use newspapers as platforms to malign others. Or, if you have a political nemesis, use newspapers to get them in trouble.

Our democracy is more like a hypocrisy where we convince ourselves that what we are doing is benefitting the many, when, in reality, we are actually killing or harming them. Our democracy is very  much like anarchy where we do anything we please for as long as no one dares to shout at us for our unfairness.

This explains why I don't really expect Janet Napoles to be punished eventually. After all these, expect Janet to go back to her house, maybe several millions poorer, yet, still have enough for her great, great grandchildren.

I also don't expect those drug lords to "rot in jail". Fact is, jail is heaven to them. They produce metamphetamines inside those kubols of theirs and sell them outside Bilibid.

I also don't expect those kidnap and bank robbers to also, rot in jail. They have millions to pay off the wardens and their staff members.

So, it's like this.

If you're a robber, please steal big. Target high profile personalities and big banks.

If you're a swindler, swindle big. By then, people will be afraid of even filing anything against you.

And if you're a killer, murder tens of hundreds. That way, you"ll be able to prolong your trial and probably escape unscathe afterwards.