Monday, June 2, 2014

On the pork barrel scam---selective justice

When the pork barrel scam issue hit the headlines, many thought that this is the right time for the people to prosecute those who have made it their business and trade scamming people off their taxes. President Aquino even promised publicly that he will prosecute to the full extent of the law those responsible for this monumenatl scam which, according to Janet Lim-Napoles herself, has been the practise since 1925.

Now, Aquino is telling us something different--that his friends and relatives are obviously immune from all these, that only those who are not inside the Aquino colambo are fair game. What if Janet accuse Butch Abad of masterminding the whole thing? He's the president's budget chief therefore, he's likewise, immune from all these.

So what if Drilon is seen hobnobbing with Janet? Bong Revilla and Jinggoy did the same thing? Who cares if Tesda chief and supposed to be as clean as a saint Joel Villanueva is now accused of getting millions from Janet? Or, if Chiz Escudero got some millions pesos worth of transactions with Janet?

For Aquino, they are exempt because they walk the straight path.

Of course, scamming people off their taxes is a usual practice by politicians. It's one part of the entire scheme of things, of people working for other people, and of parasites donning barongs and amerikanas.

We, ordinary citizens are being taught and expected to follow the law while those who are duty bound to implement the law, are themselves, the law breakers.

We, ordinary citizens, are asked to play the rules by the book while those whom we elected to protect our interests, are implementing a different kind of rule book.

We, ordinary citizens, are expected to pay our taxes on time, under pain of prosecution while those who earn billions from our sweat are exempted from paying those taxes. Ask those tycoons who want us to consume their booze, their cigarettes, their texts and imaginary entertainment. They get their billions from us but government tells not go pay whatever you want. Besides, it is the people's monies you use anyway in buying souls of ghouls.

What is true and damnable is that the scale of justice is always tilted in favor of the moneyed, regardless of who they are, whether they are fakers and swindlers, bank robbers, drug lords, jueteng lords, arms dealers, celebrity rapists, millionaire thugs, real estate scammers, class a contractors, fake doctors and plastic surgeons, quack pharmacists or plain and simple sweet talkers masquerading as saviors of the people.

Government is supposed to balance everything. Government is supposed to be blind, not wearing blinders but born blind.

Government is supposed to be without bonds of any kind, except the imaginary bond that it maintains with the people.

Government is supposed to be an agent of justice, not just its executioner.

This issue involving Napoles is testing the very essence of government. The people expect their government to be blind and without binds.

This is not what government is showing us. This government under the able administration of President Aquino is selecting the ones tagged to make the fall for "others".

It is quite obvious that this scam is nothing but a fixture of this weak state. What Benhur Luy exposed accidentally was a business of the politicians. It is a lucrative trade indulged by politicians since the beginning of this Republic and Janet, unfortunately, was the one tagged as "it" by the main players of this highly sinful and institutionalized game.

There are many Napoles out there still going at it, doing the very same thing as what Benhur Luy and Janet exposed but still free and enjoying the fruits of the poisoned tree. Of course, the very guys who protect this state from its own dangers are themselves the very parasites who will cause its downfall.