Monday, June 30, 2014

Supreme Court is expected to rule DAP as unconstitutional yet "not ground for Pnoy's impeachment"?

Several wagging tongues reveal that the Supreme Court is likely to issue a decision by this week, ruling the DAP as "unconstitutional". Meaning, the very concept itself runs contrary to the stated principles of the Filipino people as expressed in the 1987 Constitution, and which means that one cannot enforce it.

Now, since the SC has ruled on its constitutionality, what happens then to the billions which the Aquino administration spent all in the name of DAP?

Will the SC ask government to recover all these funds back? What happens to those who engineered DAP? What happens to those who took part in its implementation?

What happens to the brains behind the DAP? Will these people escape this issue unscathed?

Yes, says these political tsimosos and tsismosas. The SC will say to Pnoy, " what you did is illegal", yet will also say, " For now, we will forgive you and call it quits. So what if you did was illegal? You did not know it anyway. So, you're clean and you cannot be impeached."

Whoa, talk about a rule of law, this one is for the books.