Thursday, July 31, 2014

President Aquino's administration in a state of paranoia

Is this administration in a state of panic because it knows that it has compromised the very principles which it promised to be guided with? It seems like it.

For one, this administration has lost its moral conscience, and even its respect for the Rule of Law. Many know that this administration has prostituted itself with Big Business interests and forgot its job of defending the people's welfare.

Consider this--this Administration has carved the landscape according to the interests of Big Business, especially in the power and transport sectors. It has allowed its political allies posted in critical departments such as the DOTC, DOF and DILG to do several deals just for fund raising purposes for 2016.

IN doing so, it has incurred many enemies in the business sector. And in its quest for perpetuation of power, this administration likewise lost its conscience.

In its desire to reward its political allies, it invented programs such as the DAP to speed up the release of funds to satisfy the political requirements of certain groups, even to a point of giving billions of pesos to certain armed groups just to "maintain the peace."

What this DAP did to this administration is it directed it to a path of self-destruction, which it now finds hard to entangle themselves from.

This administration is now in a state of paranoia because it knows that at some point in time, post-2016, this dispensation has to face the consequences of its acts.