Friday, August 1, 2014

Breaking news: High government official sick with throat cancer?

I want to identify this government official but since I am still verifying this report, I deemed it wise to unname him.

Based on reports, this government official is reportedly sick with throat cancer. Doctors who privately confided with this official gave him just less than six months to live.

This news is spreading like wildfire among government employees and officials as well. Many say this news emanated from the staff who overheard these government officials talking about it inside a certain "Balai"

who is this official who reportedly realized how mortal he is when he heard the bad news? Clue, he exercises tremendous power. Another clue---no one will inherit his estate if he dies.

According to reports, the cancer is reportedly terminal.

Another clue---the medical records and bulletin of this government official were never published, a break in the tradition of the post he occupies.