Sunday, July 13, 2014

Toyota Pasong Tamo service center: Clutch problems in Toyota Fortuner 2013--

Clocking in just 21,000 kilometers and just recently had a PMS from Toyota Pasong Tamo service center and what did I get? A clutch problem in my Toyota Fortuner 2013.

Since I drove my car out of the Toyota casa, I made sure that this car gets its PMS only from Toyota Pasong Tamo service center. I spend a lot of money every single time, money that supposed to fund the tuition of my kids and baby's milk. Yet, because I want to get quality driving every, single time, I just convinced my wife that it is worth the money. Better to be safe than sorry.

Then this, a clutch problem, too early.

It is too early for me to get this kind of problem, yes? When I went to Toyota Pasong Tamo service center yesterday, the service guy want me to replace the clutch kit for 21,000 pesos. Is he crazy or what?

I asked--what is the real purpose of PMS or Preventive Maintenance services? PMS is supposed to maintain my car in tip-top condition. Then, why is it that I now have this clutch problem with just 21,000 kilometers? Are they supposed to advice me early on that my clutch is "slipping" or that the clutch is going to have a problem?

Then the service guy admitted that what they normally do even on "heavy" PMS is cursory inspection. Meaning, they just take a look at the vehicle, and that's it! Even my kid can do that.

I checked and found out that Toyota Pasong tamo service center always gun for "no.1 in customer satisfaction" and "No 1 in quality in all aspects". So then, is their PMS, quality? Quality for me is technical quality. Did they use their know-how in their PMS? No.

PMS for me now is just a marketing gimmick, a thing to entice people to get a Toyota for its after-sales services. Yeah.

The reason pala why they need aftersales is because of the generic defects of the Toyota, especially, the Fortuner, and even the Hilux when it comes to clutch.

I did some research and found out especially from Top Gear car enthusiasts that many people have complained about this early wear and tear of the clutch set of Toyota Fortuners. It now seems that it is a manufacturer's decision that causes the early wear and tear of the clutch sets of Toyota Fortuners.

Brakes. clutch disc problems.

the Toyota Fortuner is more or less the best selling mid size SUV other than the Montero Sport. However after seven years of production, I have some questions about it's problems.
First of all, the ride is too bumpy because of stiff suspensions. It hurts people's backs, whether young or old.
Secondly, I do not understand why does this car have rear drum brakes. Both variants, 2.5 4x2 and 3.0 4x4. There have been a couple of complaints with the first generation production that it had bad brakes. So what Toyota did was it had a brake upgrade! I was eager to find out what the upgrade was when the bad news came out- Toyota only enlarged the front discs by a few inches and retained its drums. I feel that the braking problem is the drums, not the front discs. For a semi-luxury SUV, why would they charge over 1.3 million just to put rear drum brakes? The car would have been a lot safer and better with 4 wheel discs. Yeah the 2nd and 3rd generation also had drums. So sad.
Does anyone have an explanation why Toyota is too stubborn to remove the Fortuner's rear drums? see link.
This is something worldwide.  see this link. and this link too.

Meaning, this is a consumer issue which I vowed to fight. I asked my wife, if this replacement thing is covered by warranty. It is not. Then, what is the purpose then of going to Toyota service centers when these centers do not even give you discounts?

I already noticed that the clutch and the brakes have problems with the Toyota Fortuner. Next time, I'll buy a safer drive.

Toyota should be gracious enough to admit that indeed, their models have problems. They should be forthright with us, consumers.