Tuesday, July 8, 2014

When "A" man turns Bad, it is all about Public Money

Why is it so hard for the President to do what is right? Many people are asking why it takes so hard for Noynoy to fire Butch Abad. Is it because the President is personally convinced that Abad did nothing wrong?

If that is the case, then, we are dealing with a different Noynoy because when he was Senator, this Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP was the one he opposed and even filed a Senate resolution about. Noynoy the Senator opposing DAP and now, President Noynoy, convinced of its necessity?

If this is also the case, then Noynoy has just shown his dictatorial tendencies, the very character that his parents opposed and laid down their lives with. Noynoy is supposed to be a democrat. As a democrat, he is supposed to follow the very laws which allow democracy to thrive. And he is supposed to believe in this "ideology" called liberal democracy being pursued by his own party. Don't tell me that democracy stops when funds are concerned? That the President should be liberal in dealing with the people's monies--that he can do whatever he wants with it?

This is exactly what is terribly wrong with the President right now. We need someone who will not see things in just one perspective.

As President, Noynoy is supposed to dispense justice equally, not selectively. The Rule of Law must be upheld at all times. How then can we have a Rule of Law, when the very "Rule" interpreted by our very own President is a rule based on friendships and blood relations?

With just one swipe of his pen, Noynoy has just allowed legalized a dictatorship.

Why did we oppose the dictatorship in the first place? Because many realized that the former dictator used the people's monies for his own personal use.

Malacanang has constantly maintained the position that those billions of DAP funds went to good use. How will that happen when those funds went directly to NGO's funded and invented by Janet Lim-Napoles?

Malacanan wants Senators to prove that those funds they gave those legislators were put to good use. How will that happen when Benhur Luy himself said that Napoles dipped her fingers into this program good nature-ly?

Butch Abad is a good man, but good men are just as good as their latest act. It is so easy to be "bad" and what happened to Butch is what is happening to the rest of the good natured men working in government--they turned their "a" performance into "a-bad" one when funds are concerned.

It is so easy to have and fight for visions but when someone's vision gets blurred whenever they see money and monies at a minute's point of dispensation without any hint of responsibility, that becomes a problem.