Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ex Makati Vice Mayor Mercado accuses VP Binay of corruption

He sounded like a very street-smart politico that he sounds believable. Former Makati vice mayor Mercado admitted before the Senate that he benefitted from the now controversial Makati City government building when he was still vice mayor, and Vice President Jejomar Binay was still mayor. Though he did not directly said it, yet Mercado insinuated that Binay probably benefited from the project as well.

We all know that the vice mayor is the one who attends and conducts a city's council. He acts as the council's head. Contracts such as these real estate developments go thru the city council for approval. Of course, who controls the proceedings--its the vice mayor. The mayor only signs upon the concurrence of his councilors.

Now, is it already really a "given" that, if the vice mayor earns something from a project, his mayor also gets a slice of the pie too? This is speculative. It may be so in some instances and not in others.

What is certain for what Mercado told the Senate was he earned from the project. That is a categorical answer. Being categorical, it is an admission. And since he already admitted it, it is now up to the authorities for them to use Mercado's admission as basis for filing a graft case against him, right?

Wrong, because the Binay prosecutors in the Senate, in the persons of Alan Peter Cayetano, a tattle-tale who dreams of becoming president, of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who dreams of becoming vice and of Senator Aquilino Pimentel, who wants nothing more than revenge against Binay because Pimentel thought that Binay betrayed his father under PDP-Laban are all in unison. They want Mercado protected probably because they had already agreements with him.

Now, if Mercado is there leading the charge against Binay, surely, not far behind are the Locsins, who also lost in the 2010 elections due to Binay.

Will Mercado disclose how much did he earn from being Binay's accuser? Mercado, by the way, maintains vast landholdings in Zambales and Bataan, one of which is a property fronting the beach. Where did Mercado get the money to build such a resort?