Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Flora and 3 alleged suspects in Naia 3 bombing linked?

News reports about the three members of the so-called Usaffe picture them again as "misguided members of society" (lifted from the statement of the Secretary of Justice) and the presumption is, their aim is just a crazy idea.

What is so crazy about protesting against China's current activities against our nation? China, according to reports, is building structures in claimed isles and islets off Spratlys. What is the government doing?

Media is being provided with information that mask the true nature and identity of the personalities arrested in connection with this aborted bombing. It seems that a "crazy"-angled story is being spread to protect the true purpose of the organisation that these individuals belong. I don't necessarily buy the story being peddled that these people did what they did out of sheer lunacy.

The arrested woman who went inside the palace with a gun and these three men who tried to bomb the airport have the same message directed at President Aquino. Is there a link between the two incidents?