Friday, August 8, 2014

Family urges candidate to abandon his lofty dreams

It was a heart wrenching scene--an influential mother giving her son the real score and sealing his political fate (or end) with strong finality.

The mother declares that her family will not anymore finance the political enterprise of the son for two reasons: one, he continues to lag behind other bets for the post and two, pressing on means committing financial harakiri. Yes, the family has benefitted from entering into deals with government and private firms and yes, property prices are rising. However, putting two billion pesos on the block is not as easy as before because the family already did that four years ago, and lost considerably. How many more properties do they have to sell? Their present landholdings are not as big as before. Fact is, it has considerably whittled down to a pitiful size that it now dwarfs other landholdings of other traditional families. Betting money now for something entirely uncertain is like committing suicide.

Witnesses say, the son accepted his mother's decision with calmness, yet his partner cried, probably out of pity and probably because that decision puts in jeopardy her own dreams of becoming a First Lady.

Worse, that meeting was attended by other members of the family which several witnesses say, was somewhat a "cruel" spectacle, as if it rubs the wound with more salt.

How about sourcing outside the family? Well, those deals entered into by the son with several business allies have fallen flat. Those "funds" did not even reach in the hundreds of millions. The only chance that the son will win is thru a miracle.