Saturday, August 9, 2014

Group out to frustrate Possible LP-Binay tandem

A Motley crew of former government officials, former generals, former Communists, active Socialists, and catholic priests have reportedly bonded together for one mission-- to frustrate a possible win of Vice President Jejomar Binay in 2016. These individuals have one thing in common--they hate the present administration. And they hate those who align themselves with it.

Vice President Binay is not formally aligned with the administration---not yet. There are several signs that some LP stalwarts are considering him to be their presidential bet come 2016, since Mar Roxas continues to lag behind in surveys after surveys.The Aquino sisters are out in the open already, expressing their unwavering support behind the former Mayor of Makati.

There are of course, die-hard LP members who predict the destruction of their party once Binay enters into the picture. That explains why there are plans to establish a political party for Binay whose members come from various political aggrupations. This is a logical answer to the problem of many LP members--honorable way out of their present rut without incurring the ire of cabinet members still supportive of Roxas.

What is now puzzling is the entry of this new group which puts the question who funds them and why did they appear only now? There are even talks that some cabinet members support this group simply out of fear that a Binay presidency might put their own social and political statuses in jeopardy.

What is most certain is this--a third force is rising and is building their own mechanism. Nothing wrong except that with the existence of such a group, expect the political pot to brew as wildly, as violently and as unwieldy unheard of since the foundation of the Republic.