Saturday, August 9, 2014

Liberal Party fears Losing Power

When Pnoy won the presidential elections, many thought that the Liberal Party would be the party to beat come 2016. Mar Roxas, whose presidential and even vice presidential ambitions crumbled when mayor Jejomar Binay won the people's vote, had an epiphany--he thought he had six years to work for his ambition.

Four years later, and inspite of what his team is doing, Roxas remains at the bottom rung of practically all surveys. What is most evident is that when the people decide on something or when the people reject someone, that decision stays practically the same for years.

What is going against Roxas is that his performance as Dilg secretary is far from ideal, his pre election campaign team is totally inefficient and worse, he is perceived now as part of a Losing Proposition.frankly, Roxas has no where to go but out.

Credit that to a long standing perception that Roxas remains and continues to be a losing bet. Worse, several people have floated ideas of other possible heirs to the a Palace throne, most of them political allies of the President. Seems like he continues to be the odd man out, and this perception if not corrected, will remain stuck in the public consciousness possibly even until 2016. As several LP members say, time to jump out while the ship remains afloat.

It would definitely take a miracle to get Roxas out of this lingering perception. And the LP knows it.

That's why several members of the. Aquino cabinet want an extension, an additional few years to further convince and ram into our throats the possibility of a Roxas presidency.

What these people do not know is this---Roxas would soon reveal a shocking thing to them very soon. This revelation will definitely shock the very foundations of the LP whose members are concerned about losing power come 2016.