Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pnoy counting not on end of term but of disaster

Aside from the MRT train which rammed its barrier and derailed itself which led to about 70 people injured, another shocking news happened yesterday.

President Benigno S. Aquino III, in an interview last night with my former Family and Relations professor Atty. Mel Sta Maria over TV5 dropped something which several people, including this writer, actually expected him to announce---the possibility of him getting another term.

Aquino shared with Atty. Sta Maria what has been occupying his mind since the Supreme Court disagreed with him over the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP---his desire to further clip the powers of the Supreme Court and his ambitions for another term.

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And how will Aquino do this, considering that what he has shared is against the very vow he took when he assumed the presidency---respect for the Rule of Law and of the Constitution.

A second term for the president is expressly prohibited before the present Charter. Our founding fathers explicitly inserted that provision to deter any crazed man from assuming himself as god.

Is the president so afraid that the possibility of him getting the same fate as his former professor Arroyo and former political ally Estrada looms bigger now than before?

Is the President now siding with a faction of his cabinet whose desire is to ram the possibility of a Roxas presidency down our throats?

Is this the reason why coup rumors were floated about by a political ally of the president so that palace sickos are to mobilize their own forces for a self-coup?

Or the president really is convinced of his invincibility, of his power, or what people now presume--allies of the president probably coaxed Pnoy to near perfection that he is besotted with power?

Everyone knows that the possibility of the House initiating a cha-cha right now is as far as the moon. Though the Liberals have an upper hand in terms of numerical superiority, everyone knows that this superiority does not necessarily result to what the House desires--open the Charter.

This cha-cha has been attempted before by almost every administration which nears its term. And always, cha-cha attempts fail and always suffer the same fate--that of being thrown in the trashcan of the people's consciousness.

Opening the charter just to satisfy the paranoia of the One sitting at the Palace so that he protects himself from prosecution post-term is to me, as sick as one having a throat cancer or someone who already is sick before but is trying to put a brave face?

The President is now leading this country towards greater ruin and disaster.

Incidents like the one that happened at the LRT-MRT is not exactly an accident---this is a sign of a breakdown of the system.

And this breakdown is a result of the absence of leadership. No one is manning the fort. Who is now in charge?