Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Analysis of the NAIA bombing and Woman with a gun inside Palace incidents

The thing about these arrests of these so-called "destabilizers" is that they are isolated incidents or are being treated as such. There are insinuations that they are part of a bigger group which authorities have yet to identity. Needless to say, the individualistic character of their movements either say something to us about "them" or indicates a far sinister and more serious thing which defense authorities need to address immediately and fast.

For example, those arrested say they did these things on their own. Others, well, try to link them to other groups with political motives, most are of course, against government. A lawyer by the name of Ely Pamatong, who has been arrested for doing crazy things like fill EDSA with nail spikes in protest over something unrelated to traffic, has been named as an instigator. When his name crops up, almost immediately the public reaction is this is just a crazy stunt.

But what is more substantive here is the thing which another character by the name of Atty. Oliver Lozano revealed and that his clients are victims of a group of Magdalo soldiers. How they were victimized, Lozano never told us. Another insinuated and I think it was Pamatong who said that the NAIA bombers were part of T/E/R/M, a group linked with Trillanes who wants to create the scenario that would justify the declaration of martial rule. Why martial rule? Well, that is the most "logical" extra legal way to extend Pnoy's term given the fact that if they want to legalize or legitimize Pnoy's term there is no more time to do that. Cha-cha is dead. It can be revived through an extraordinary situation, like, say Congress declares itself as constituent assembly and try to do things on their own. Of course, this is too risky, and puts everything in chaos.

Whatever the motivation of these people are, the sordid fact is that these things are happening under an administration that is supposed to be better than its predecessors. This also belies Palace statements saying that this administration still enjoys a huge following.

Now sans a political backer, the very fact that individuals or persons are moving on their own and against this government shows a boiling pot scenario where an undercurrent of dissent exists and is ready to spill over anytime. The failure of the August 25 rally allows these actions to take place due to several people's thoughts that something should be done to correct or rectify the current situation. There is a problem, and if this remains unresolved, will encouraged people to do these things, ever wilder ones.