Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Had Ninoy lived, he would have allowed Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani

I must admire President Aquino. Nagpakatotong tao siya when he publicly told the public that he felt he needed to exact revenge against those who conspired to kill his father. He believed then that the Marcoses were responsible.

He was, however, constrained by his friend, who told him that he, and his mother, had a loftier mission--to bring to justice the dictatorship. Aquino realized that there were many other people victimized by the system, and his role is to help them.

And help them he did.

Aquino even remembered how his father told him the very reason why he left Boston to go back to the Philippines despite threats to his life---Ninoy, his father, still believed that there is still goodness in the heart of former president Ferdinand Marcos, and that the president was just being given bad advices by those who surround him.

Ninoy got killed at the tarmac and all hell broke loose.

What is significant in what his father did was Ninoy showed Noynoy the power of forgiveness and of hope. Ninoy just taught Noynoy that people, even if others perceived them as bad to the bone, are inherently good. There is goodness in people. People act the way they do due to circumstances.

That is the power of Ninoy---he is now considered as a martryred hero of this land because he did what no other hero did---he showed people the true path towards political rectification. Instead of perpetuating injustice, Ninoy thought of instituting justice.

Now, when Ninoy was alive, he respected other people, especially his enemies. Noynoy Aquino must learn from his father.

There is still time for Noynoy Aquino to do what his father expected him to---forgive his enemies and erase every shred of enmity in his heart.

Noynoy Aquino could start by allowing the burial of a war hero at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. I sincerely believe that had Ninoy lived, he would have allowed his former friend and fraternity brother the right to be buried there.