Saturday, October 18, 2014

Confused Trillanes invents Inquirer bannerstory

" Nakakoryente na naman ako, hehehe"--
Antonio Trillanes IV on his contrived story of Binay
asking Pnoy to stop DOJ probe
Antonio Trillanes IV, whose posturing as a nationalist is now being exposed as a fraud, got banner story status from the Philippine Daily Inquirer today for something he definitely invented. see this link:

And frankly, I myself, cannot understand why the Philippine Daily Inquirer considered Trillanes' story as "banner material."

For one, Trillanes admitted that he just heard this from a "reliable source", meaning its second or even third hand information. Trillanes was not primary source.

The problem with this is, since it's "second-hand or third hand even", it may even be just a rumor. That's a serious credibility problem for the Inquirer---the country's number one newspaper treating a rumor as "truth". So much for its tagline--"balanced news, fearless views."

By treating something as "truth", the Inquirer exposed its political biases once more.

Look at the story---Trillanes during an hallucination, said that Binay actually tried to convince or ask the President to stop a Department of Justice (DoJ) probe.

How would this happen when the decision to probe Binay actually happened a few days after Binay and the Pnoy meeting?

Besides, why would Binay ask for something which has'nt happened yet?

According to sources, Trillanes is so desperate now because his ratings have fallen desperately low. He is now seen by the public as a loose cannon, an attack dog by the camp of the conos, led by Mar Roxas. His rabid-ness is really unfortunate. Instead of fighting the ones who are causing our current problems, Trillanes decided to side with these conos probably out of his desire to dip his fingers more on the billions these people systematically steal from us.

Shame on you, Mr. Trillanes. You are a disgrace to the ranks of the true Nationalists.