Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mar Roxas and his clique: Roxas-Ayala-Zamora

Why is it that Mar Roxas and his bunch of rich kids all belonging to traditional rich families want the presidency come 2016?

Is it because Roxas is the next best thing to happen in Philippine politics? Is it because Roxas is the one expected to follow the "tuwid na daan."? Probably.

If you're one of those who think that the meaning of "tuwid na daan" means doing everything you can so that all efforts lead to the strengthening of one's political affiliation even to the detriment of the people and everybody, and you"ll be protected because of your rabid-ness, then, definitely Roxas would continue it.

Tuwid na daan means for Roxas and his group as "Thievery, Unlimited Way Into our Doors".

Roxas, as you know, represents business interests, BIG BUSINESS. Do you know that the Ayalas support him and for obvious reasons? Aside from being Roxas' relatives, the Ayalas want to control major governmental utilities. They are now into LRT-MRT, water and infrastructure development.

Ayala is moving with Roxas men behind them. For one, their main man, Cesar Purisima, backs their every move. They are now targetting Private-Public Partnerships. Nothing wrong except that they intend to influence every bidding to favor the Ayalas.

DOTC secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya is an Ayala man. Certain officials of DOTC, particularly those involved in the bidding of projects, are linked with the Ayala Group.

Roxas is also being financially backed by the Zamoras. The Zamoras are responsible for large-scale destructive mining practices. Since the time of the dictatorship, the Zamoras have been at it, exploiting and destroying virgin forests for nickel, copper, gold and others.

The Zamoras are banking on Roxas to frustrate the idea of the Bangsamoro republic. Yes, the Roxas-Ayala-Zamora clique wants nothing more than cause the defeat of this concept so that their other rich amigas in Mindanao, particularly the Lobregats, would continue their economic and political domination of the region.

These high-brow scions of traditional traitors of the Philippine republic are salivating on the rich resources of this country. They want to control it precisely because they are losing money on their lands, their haciendas.

Since these scumbags are being edged out in business by the hard-working Taipans, they want to regain dominance thru the election of Mar Roxas. They want to resume their power tripping using the backdoor. And who to help them but one of their own?

If Roxas wins, so much for democracy here in the Philippines.