Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oplan Anti-Nognog 2016

Atty. JV Bautista is now all over town, exposing what I believe is the biggest political scandal that hit this country for decades.

Oplan Anti-Nognog 2016 is supposed to be a conspiracy meant to attack Vice president Jejomar Binay. Binay, as everyone knows, still leads other contenders in the presidential surveys. Inspite of a 15 percentage points drop, Binay's name still edges that of Grace Poe, Chiz Escudero and of course, the Liberal party's "sentimental choice" according to Butch Abad, Mar Roxas.

If Roxas is the "sentimental choice" of the Liberal party, Binay appears and is still the opposition's best bet come 2016, according to former president Joseph Estrada.

Now, if this presidential thing leads to a "duel", then, who wins but the most statistically probable, and that is Binay.

Not if the elections becomes manual and other camps distribute monies....

Several people, including those in the business community, fears a Binay presidency. Why so? Because Binay, being a reasonable man and a believer of creating a fair and balanced playing field, represents the people's interests, something so despicable to the ears of Big Business.

People's interests means lower prices of food stuffs, of transportation fees, of MRT fees and even of gas.

What Atty Bautista reveals are shocking facts of several LP and administration officials meeting every Thursday in a building office of Buddy Zamora, known nemesis of Binay.

Who attends but Ronald Llamas, presidential adviser for political affairs of the Aquino administration and is a known ally of Mar Roxas, LP man Cong Egay Erice who is the business partner of businessman Eric and of course, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, the publicly declared hatchet man of the group.

Cayetano, inspite of his highly public declaration of his warped dream of becoming president, has reportedly withdrawn already in favor of Mar, after a convincing talk with Ronnie Zamora, one of the Nacionalista Party's political heavyweights.

Zamora who was once an ally of the Binay-Estrada camp, is now working against UNA after a fallout. Zamora is brother of Buddy and Manuel Zamora, whose family is involved in mining. They own NickelAsia, the only mining firm in operation right now.

The thing is, there is a tactical alliance between the Liberals and the Nacionalistas. This came about when Binay announced that he is forming his own political party, thereby isolating traditionalists even from his very own base of support, the opposition. That pronouncement, says sources, was the cue that eventually led to this alliance.

Now, I don't know if the Villars approve of this but it seems that this move by Cayetano is such a stupid move that the possibility of a split within their party looms.

(more of this later...)