Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Senate hearings against Vice President Binay--a tiredsome fishing expedition

Listening to today's senate hearing of the sub-committee of the Blue Ribbon makes my stomach churn. Clearly, these three non-performing assets of the Senate, namely Alan Peter Cayetano, Antonio Trillanes and Koko Pimentel are doing their darnest best, trying to make a big issue out of thin air. And they are clearly abusive.

Imagine, a civilian by the name of Chinese-Filipino businessman Antonio "Tony" Tiu is clearly being harassed and intimated by these three stooges, trying desperately to prove their allegation that the businessman is a dummy of the Binays.

When the businessman refuses and stood up against them, the three stooges were clearly upstaged by him, and clearly Tiu demolished their allegations by just merely telling the truth. He is a president of a listed company. He is a private person. His business is commercial agriproduction.

It is fortunate that Trillanes did not get to be the head of the palace because had he meaning, had he succeeded in all those botched coups and became this country's undisputed polticial figure, how many businessmen kaya would fall by the wayside? Many I believe. Sanay na sanay manakot si Trillanes. By the way, hindi ba dating Navy itong si Trillanes? Hindi ba kagawian sa Navy yang mananakot?

Heto namang si Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, gustong gustong magpahaba ng buhok kaya hayan, papel ng papel.

This hearing sucks.