Thursday, October 23, 2014

Slam Senate sub-committee hearing on Binay

Saan ka nakakita ng isang hearing "in aid of legislation" na may conclusion na kaagad ang mga miyembro ng sub-committee of the Senate blue ribbon?

When I was watching yesterday's hearing, I was very sad. It is time, I thought, of going back abroad and just work there. Our politics here, sucks.

As I was watching the three senators: Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel, I thought that they are the Gestapos masquerading as judges.

Unlike our politicians of old, where they exercised decency and the adherence to law, these hearings lack the impartiality expected of these legislators.

Hearings, which by the way are being funded by the ordinary taxpayer, are supposed to be for "in aid of legislation" and not "in aid of election."

By the way things are unfolding, these senators are acting like hatchet men. Look at what they did to this businessman, Antonio Tiu.

In order to establish that he's a "dummy" these senators, especially Cayetano tried to pin him down by saying that he does not own the property which he bought from a certain Laureano Gregorio. Tiu said he paid for the 140 hectare property with a downpayment of 11 million pesos. He issued post-dated checks to the tune of 446 million pesos, the amount of the sale.

Everyone knows that one assumes ownership of the property at the time that the sale is consummated. The sale, in this case, was, and therefore, Tiu assumes that he already owns the property although of course, the transfer of the title of ownership still hangs pending completion of the entire payment.

Technically, Tiu is still the owner. But what did the senators give as reaction? They tried to downplay what Tiu was telling them.

But, what did the senators assumed? They still told the public that the property is not owned by Tiu, but by the Vice president and his family.

These senators are abusing the power given to them by us, ordinary taxpayers. They are using public money to gain media mileage, something which I, as a taxpayer of this country, refuses to acknowledge.

We, the people, should unite and stop these hearings. Walang patutunguhan ito, at we are just allowing these senators na bilugin ang ulo nating lahat.