Monday, October 27, 2014

Threats against the Aquino administration much bigger today than 4 years ago

The possibility of President Benigno S. Aquino III getting his first taste of a coup looms much bigger today than in the first four years of his administration, a source told this writer yesterday.

In a private huddle this weekend, a source says that if Aquino falls due to a coup, it is because of his own doing. He says Aquino has distanced himself from various groups which have worked hard for his election in 2010.

These groups, most of them composed of well-meaning individuals who did not seek any appointive posts from Aquino, enjoy a high reputation among middle forces.

Since the DAP issue broke out, many of the conscience block of the Aquino administration asked for the president's explanation but was repulsed, allegedly by the President himself. Another group, those close to the family especially to the Presidential sisters and some members of the partylist group Akbayan were likewise given the bum steer reportedly by the President.

According to some people, people behind Hyatt 10 and those close to LP Mar Roxas were responsible for the indignant stance of the President. One of the Hyatt 10 members, reportedly Butch Abad was the one who reportedly told the President to "stick to the group" for fears of getting a backlash reportedly from the stated enemies of the administration (read: " pro-Arroyo" group).

Now, it seems that the President has been "besieged" by LP and other people closely allied with Mar Roxas (read: LP). Presidential adviser Ronald Llamas, a member of Akbayan, and Vicente Emano, a member of the Black and White Movement are reportedly already working for the Mar Roxas group.

A source says the President is now "with blinders". She did not elaborate.

With the conscience block already neutralized, the Hyatt 10 and the Mar Roxas group are now struggling very hard to neutralize officials close to the Vice President. However, one of them, Executive secretary Paquito Ochoa continues to enjoy tremendous trust of the President inspite of his being a member of the Panay block. (Remember that there are four blocks in the palace surrounding the President: Balai of Mar Roxas composed of LP, Black and White Movement, Akbayan and Hyatt 10 members, Panay composed of close associates of the Aquino family who supported Binay as vice presidential candidate, Panfilo Lacson block and Chiz Escudero/Sergio Osmena block. Osmena has since distanced himself from the palace, leaving Escudero's group behind.

Many of those within the conscience block are close to idealistic soldiers and former officials of the AFP. It is said that some of them are moving against the administration.

Another group, composed of retired and junior officers who oppose the Bangsamoro Basic Law, is likewise a serious threat to the survival of the Aquino administration.