Friday, November 28, 2014

The Presidency as Destiny--and force as political game changer come 2016

Senator Cynthia Villar believes that the presidency is something of a "destiny." She mentioned this when asked about her husband reportedly planning another dig at it. Cynthia says her husband, Nacionalista president Manny Villar is busy expanding their business, Vistaland.

The former senator, of course, is really no political animal--but an honest and tiredless CEO known for his acumen in business. He is a rare gem--one of only a few men who has that Midas touch. Villar's ascend to the top is something of a legendary story, not myth.

Imagine, after losing the 2010 elections, Villar went to work and recovered the monies he invested in politics in a span of just months. He played his cards well, and recovered what he lost through the local bourse. He is expanding his business, to include mining.

Now--do we really believe that the presidency is something sort of fate to the one who deserves it? If it is destiny or fate, then, are we saying that the one who now enjoys tremendous public approbation is the one fated to get it?

I've always believe that the presidency is something given to the one whom the bankers, big business and those big minds behind the military have collectively agreed to give it. It is not destiny, but a conspiracy of a few who are really managing the true affairs of this country.

This few belongs those coming from traditional rich families, and those whom various PMA classes have appointed as their representatives. We are still "of an island mentality", as what my friend, Atty JV Bautista describes us, where a few controls the destinies of a 100 million souls.

I've always believe that the presidency is still something not entirely determined by the tastes of those who rule us, but something created by circumstances.

For one, the one trait which we desperately need in order to survive the systemic changes which will happen come 2016, is political astuteness. Our future leaders should exercise tremendous amount of political astuteness in order to steer this country towards the right direction.

The thing that bothers me is the fact that our leaders, save a few, know what this means. Most of them are there in various positions of authority based on being a progeny of another political giant or a proxy of various business, mostly personal and business.

A belief is beginning to form in my generation, a belief that has probably influenced the actions of our predecessors and that is, the importance of force in politics. Many are beginning to think of using force to be able to influence politics.

Force has always been a major factor in politics. Of course, many would disagree but applying force has proven to be a most effective game changer in politics. A generation must exert itself over the old gen to force an agenda.