Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bilibid prison chief should be fired now!

Bilibid prisons chief Bukayu has a very confident alibi. For the sake of peace, he allowed those drug lords to order a bath tub, several appliances and high tech equipment. According to Bukayu, he was asked by Noynoy to institute changes in Bilibid. So, what Bukayu did was brilliant---he brought the outside into the "inside". For the prisoners not to think of riots, let them enjoy the privileges they so enjoyed when they were still "free" men.

Bukayu even had the gall of defending his actions by saying that Bilibid is now actually a town--not a prison facility. Fact is, Bukayu even lied when he described Bilibid as a town because Bilibid right now is more of a "country" composed of several towns controlled by "mayores" and "lords"

Maybe Bukayu thought of his job as a hotel manager, not a jailer.

Or maybe Noynoy forgot to brief Bukayu that Bilibid is a prison, a containment facility, meant to deprive  a convict of the freedoms he so enjoyed before his conviction. Of course, Bilibid likewise serves as a rehabilitation facility. It is supposed to re-instill discipline by reminding the convict of the value of freedom he lost when he violated state laws.

How then will a drug lord value what he lost when Bukayu himself had this policy of bringing the "outside" into the "inside"? Bringing those appliances in is a small matter. Fact is, it is just a confirmation of what everyone knows except of course Bukayu, who maintains his innocence and his lack of supposed knowledge of what goes on inside the facility he so owns.

For that alone, his supposed "innocence" and his lack of knowledge of what goes on, is more than sufficient reason to fire Bukayu.

Likewise, Bilibid should be rehabilitated as a prison's facility. Government should take back Bilibid from the convicts. What is happening there is a direct mockery of the very system of justice we so value as a people.