Friday, January 30, 2015

President Aquino--near ouster or to be allowed to continue term as lame duck president

Malacanang is in disarray. A source says the Mar Roxas group now knows which group the President favors, and it is planning of bolting out from the Cabinet. Several overtures were sent to a shadowy group. Seems like there is a possible repeat of the Hyatt 10 incident during Arroyo's time.

One indication that bickering has reached a critical juncture was when former senator Ping Lacson criticised Pnoy for the botched SAF operation. Ping's group is one of five groups supporting the Aquino administration. Let's review.

You have the Hyatt 10 which is composed of Roxas, Soliman, Butch Abad, and Purisima. However, sources say Purisima and Roxas do not see eye-to-eye because of Purisima's closeness with the Ayalas. Remember that Roxas represents the family interests of the Aranetas and the Roxases, traditional rich families here in the Philippines.

The next group is the Samar group composed of close family members, friends and associates. Ochoa leads this pack together with several other members who were attacked publicly by the Hyatt 10 group last year.

The next one is the Chiz Escudero group which is represented by several young businessmen, military men, and those close to the Cojuangcos and Ramon Ang group. The other two are of Osmena's and Lacson's. Osmena has since concentrated his attention at helping Grace Poe in propping up her ratings in preparation for her eventual campaign for a higher post sometime soon.

With Lacson's statement, it seems like, even his group has abandoned Aquino. Is the Roxas group ready to jump ship soon now that it appears that the DILG secretary has lost the trust and confidence of the President himself?

The President is slowly being disrobed so to speak. This SAF incident has exposed his nakedness and weakness as a leader. It is now a matter of time before he entirely loses all power.

When it comes, expect either of two things happening---cutting short his term and allowing the Vice president to assume the remainder of the term just like what happened to Erap or allowing him to continue office but is now exposed as a lame duck. Whatever the Fates allow, these things are expected to happen in the next coming days.