Thursday, May 28, 2015

Senate probe's aim is justify the jailing of Vice President Jejomar Binay

A bully's weapon is always the threat of physical harm against his opponent. Those with criminal minds when on the verge of defeat, would always resort to extreme solutions, to compensate their weak minds. Instead of, say engaging their enemy in an active discussion, they would just plan to ambush you or seek your physical destruction.

That's how I describe this Senate sub-committee probe against Vice president Jejomar Binay. Just take a look at the very composition of this sub-committee.

You have Senator Pimentel who took it personally when Binay decided to include his enemy in the senatorial lineup in 2013. Pimentel's umbrage against Binay is more personal than others precisely because his father, former Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr is a personal friend and political ally of Binay. Pimentel and Binay were comrades against Marcos during Martial law.

As they say, nilaglag ni Binay si Pimentel, na saying pinakamatibay na political ally of the Binays eversince.

Another person whom Binay reportedly had a spat with politically is Senator Antonio Trillianes IV, a known megalomaniac. Trillanes admitted that he had an agreement with Binay to support a campaign against former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. When Trillanes IV pursued his plan, he was surprised to learn that there was no Binay to lean on especially when he was already holed up inside that famous Manila Peninsula. He must have cursed a lot when he was being physically manhandled by this NCR director who is now in jail for alleged graft violations.

Trillianes IV was overheard saying that the reason why he's hitting Binay was that he already entered into an agreement with the camp of Mar Roxas. It's like, he's doing this as a commitment not to lose face.

Lastly, we all know the highly public spat between Makati mayor Binay and Mayor Len Cayetano, spouse of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. The Cayetanos, who practically carved Taguig up like a fiefdom, want nothing more than benefit from the largesse Bonifacio Global City (BGC) generates every year. From mayor's permits alone, Taguig gains billions than what the Binays generates from businesses in their turf.

So, UNA secretary general JV Bautista is right---is there anything new to expect from this rambunctious bunch of Senators who basically had an axe to grind with the Vice president? Obviously, none.

They know Binay is strong, politically and they are now fearful that in a Binay presidency, their