Friday, May 29, 2015

Grace Poe's Rants and I rant back---where were you Mrs. Llavanzares when we were fighting for FPJ?

selfish and her only concern is to
help her cono friends preserve
their wealth
Grace Poe, who announced that she does not intend to run last year but changed her mind after meeting with Pnoy, accused the Binay camp of accommodating those who "cheated her father, the late FPJ."

Pardon me Mrs. Llavanzares, but isn't YOU who are now sleeping with the enemy? You intend to run under the banner of the very people who HELPED MRS. ARROYO DIRECTLY in CHEATING THE PEOPLE OF THEIR VOTES LAST 2004. Yes, ask Butch Abad, Dingky Soliman and the rest of those now working for this administration in whatever capacity and I'll admire them if they tell you the truth.

Excuse me, Mrs. Llavanzares but where were you when people including this writer were being truncheoned and water cannoned at Welcome Rotunda, fighting for your father? Where were you when people were being harassed and some were snatched and nearly executed extrajudicially just because they were brave enough to tell the world that "your father" were cheated in the elections?

YOU WERE NOWHERE NEAR US. When people were sacrificing their futures fighting for the Right Thing, you were ensconced safely somewhere probably enjoying the scene, munching expensive food with your cono friends or probably even oblivious of what was happening back then.

Kapal ng mukha mo namang mag claim that you'll continue the legacy of your father? Fact is, FPJ is not your biological father. You are the daughter of a Spaniard!! In your blood flows the blood of our once tyrannical colonisers who killed so many patriots of this country!

During those revolutionary times, I remember many sectors urging Susan Roces, wife of FPJ, to seek public office. You know what Mrs. Susan Roces did? She rejected all of those offers even if she knew for a fact back then that the situation favours her and the rate of success was very high.

She backed out because she thought that that was the right thing to do. Matitino at magalang na tao sina Mam Susan and the late king, the FPJ--they are the true patriots of this country.

Tigilan mo nga kami ng drama mo, Mrs. Llavanzares!!

What are you fighting for, Mrs. Llavanzares? Last year, you were categorical--you told the people that you are NOT running. Now, here you are, going around town, and campaigning already. Kapal ng mukha mo. You asked other people that they must be honest and forthwith--what can you say now of yourself?

What prodded you to change your mind? Were you promised wealth beyond your imagination from the Ayalas, the old rich families like the Aranetas and the Zobels? I think so.

Dalawang taon ka pa lang sa Senado, kapal mong sabihing ready ka nang maging Pangulo o Bise Pangulo.

I will be one of millions who will abandon their families just to ensure your downfall, if you become president. You are doing the country a great disservice and possibly even destroying the legacy left by your father whom we love so much.

While there is still time, Mrs. Grace Poe-Llavanzares, re-consider. 

This country needs a more experienced and more resolute leader, someone who will not change his or her mind mid-stream and will advance the cause of the people.

This country needs healing from the centuries-old wounds inflicted by racial discrimination, impunity and mistrust among the peoples of this country and by that, we need someone who understands the plight of the people.

This country does not need people like you who are willing tools of the elites of this country. 

You are a mere puppet. Imagine, in all news items, there are entries there which says that you are the acolyte of another senator, Chiz Escudero? Fact is--you are merely the poster girl of two senators: Escudero and Osmena. 

Pumapayag kang maging "mentor" si Chiz sa anong bagay? Sa laklakan ng whisky and beer? O sa pananakit ng asawa?

Pardon me for ranting but I fear for the future of my kids and my wife if you're elected into office at such a time when we need not toy with this elections.

Threats to our nation's survival exist and this is not for some cono like you to worry about. 

Better for you to stay where you are and if you are ready by that time, run. But not 2016, no. 

I promised that I will abandon my family and my future and go to the mountains and seek your destruction. 

I did that before, and I'll surely do it again. Because if the polls are manipulated and results show you won, my faith with the system dies with your victory.