Sunday, June 28, 2015

Abaya is right---MRT problems, not political--its Liberal catatonia

DOTC secretary Emilio Abaya is right. MRT problems are definitely not political. It is administrative and inevitably linked with, governance.

When Abaya countered the Vice president's tirade against the MRT/LRT operational woes, the embattled DOTC secretary admonished the VP of connecting the issue with politics. There is no such thing in the DOTC, says Abaya. And I agree.

Had Abaya just lent a minute in listening to what the VP said, Binay did not link the MRT issue with politics, no. He linked it with inefficiency (kapalpakan). It is also wise to link it with the issue about "manhid" or transliterated into "paralysis" (to some, manhid means paralysis).

Abaya admitted that the problems persists and Abaya has been there for many years already and solutions remain undiscovered. Is the VP referring to operational catatonia when he accused the government of mismanaging the MRT issue? Yes. That's too obvious even for a West Pointer such as Abaya.

When you put "palpak" and "manhid" together, one term emerges---catatonic behaviour in governance. Another term is created--the inertia syndrome.

Don't worry, Mr. Abaya, this syndrome is evident in post-dictatorial administrations, something observed to really happen in countries which underwent strongman rule. Read SAŠA POLJANEC-BORIĆ paper, "Transfer of Governance Culture: A Case Study of Socio Cultural Barriers for Institutional Adaptation in Croatia." It's a deficiency.

That explains why persons such as Abaya is appointed to such positions in government to wrestle itself free from this deficiency. The problem really is when those in power do not recognise/admit or altogether gloss this deficiency over. The result is a self-destabilising catatonia (a state of immobility and stupor).

This catatonia proceeds from lack of empathy with the masses. Why is there apathy among government officials right now? It is because they belonged to the cono class, whose concern is economic meaning self-preservation.

Abaya, like his forebears, only want nothing more than preserve his family's wealth. This same goes with his principal, Mar Roxas, whose thirst for power is unquenchable because of his family's many economic interests proceeding from their businesses.

Abaya probably forgot the very reason why he is there at the DOTC. Or Abaya is right and I am wrong-- that Abaya is in there for the RIGHT REASONS, and that is, pursue the Liberal's interests.